Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm blogging this so I don't forget when this crazy guy is older. Some Cy-isms for why he can't do anything you ask him to do

Cy: I can't I have a bad hair tut...
Cy: I can't I have shark hands (makes his hands like lobster claws)
Cy: I can't I'm frozen
Cy: I can't I'm a statue

I am 21 weeks Pregnant with our 2nd Son and final child Cash or Cache... haven't decided but looking at it written out I think Cache looks more feminine....what do you think? Cy is constantly wanting to hug the baby and gives my belly hugs

The other day I'm laying in bed and he comes in with a chip in his hand. He tells me "Mom I really want the baby to have this so can you eat it?"

Troy wrote me a letter that I am only allowed to read after I have the baby and it's killing me not to open it and read it...let's be honest I'm totally not waiting. I'm waiting long enough for Troy to forget he gave me the letter and then I'm opening that sucker up!! Any way watching daddy write a letter made Cy want to write a letter.

He came into my room while I was on my computer and says:
 " mom get me some paper I need to write a letter."
Me: Who is the letter for
Cy: That belly guy...
Me: What belly guy?
Cy: The guy in your belly....Cash

He cracks me up

Friday, January 20, 2012

Peace & Quiet

Troy has been really stressed with work and different things. So last Saturday morning I was laying bed with the kids. Troy is harping on everything from the kids not cleaning their room to why he can't find anything in the house....Kalaya decides she has had enough and she says I forgot to say my prayers today...

Kalaya: Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless that I can get some peace in quiet in this room. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

By the way her prayer totally worked. What else could Troy say after that? I need to remember that prayer next time someone is annoying me by incessantly talking!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Baby got Baptized

I can't believe Irelynn is old enough to get baptized. The baptism was beautiful. Grams talked about the Holy Ghost, The primary president Sister Jenks gave a beautiful talk about little white dresses. To sum it up she talked about the importance of the white dresses in our lives blessing dresses, baptisim dresses and your final white dress a wedding dress. SHe said the white dresses won't end that someday she will have a little girl who will one day wear a white dress and the cycle continues. Brother Channel had her stand on a chair and look out at all the family and friends there to support her. He said this is what is will be like on the other side when we are reunited again. He had her hug her grandparents and Troy and I. The spirit was so strong in that room that day.

Now to lighten things up with a couple conversations between Irelynn & Kalaya

Irelynn: Kalaya Grams didn't buy this glass heart at the store. She carved it out of a rock

Kalaya: Is that your first lie? (baptism washed away Irelynns sins and now she said her 1st lie haha)

Later that night Irelynn tried to sneak Chips into her bedroom Troy caught her and asked her if she was trying to sneak food into her room. She adamantly denied this until later that night. Kalaya was sitting in the room seemingly minding her own business while Troy and Irelynn talked.

Irelynn: I'm sorry I lied I really was sneaking chips into my room I just didn't want you to be mad at me

Troy: Irelynn I don't care about the chips I was just sad you lied to me about it

Out of nowhere Kalaya pipes up: Well I guess she wasn't ready to get baptized...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

World Peace

Tonight Kalaya tells me that all she wants for Christmas is love. I hug and kiss all over her. Troy says Love? that's all you want is love? No toys? Kalaya: Yes all I want is love no toys. Later Troy gets mad at her for something and threatens to spank her to which Kalaya responds Dad you can't spank me ever again it's my Christmas present remember?!?!?
Ummm she just barely turned 5 how on earth she was so quick to respond to that amazes me

More back seat talk

Troy decided to coach Kalaya's soccer team. He promised the girls that after scouts he would play soccer with them at the park to practice after his scout meeting. As I am driving the girls to the park to meet Troy this was their conversation:

Kalaya: Oh I hope my coach is going to be there

Irelynn: Kalaya why don't you just call him dad? You are confusing me calling him coach

Kalaya: Well you know my coach is dad...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back Seat

I really want a camera in my back seat. The interaction between Irelynn and Kalaya is histerical. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Kalaya: (looking at a picture of her preschool class) "Arnie do you want to know what girl is my favorite?"

Irelynn: "who?" ...... "kalaya that's you"

Kalaya: "well I like me!"

another time

Kalaya: pshshshshs

Irelynn: Kalaya I can't hear you you have to speak up

Kalaya: pshshshshs

Irelynn: I can't hear you talk louder (getting annoyed)

Kayala: Well I don't want my scratch to hear

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whole Foods

So a funny thing happened to me yesterday and I had to blog about it. I get so bored of my own blogs so I always take to long of a hiatus (sp?) Plus Kalaya is so funny these days that it would feel more like a homage to Kalaya I'm sure. So yesterday I took Kalaya and Cy to Whole Foods to get some Chia seeds. I had the kids in a shopping cart and noticed there was a farmers market going on in the parking lot. So I kept them in the cart to keep them contained while I went through the market. I saw some yummy looking strawberries so I put the shopping cart with my kids in it in a spot I thought they would be safe and out of the way while I went to buy the strawberries. While I was engrossed in which strawberries looked the best I hear a woman yelling "whose kids are these?Whose shopping cart is this?" I turned and looked and saw that the shopping cart did not stay where I put it and kept rolling down the lane. Ps Kalaya never said anything as the cart went rolling away she was standing up steering the whole time. The shopping cart rolled into the back of a news cast woman trying to do a news cast when this run away shopping cart invaded the scene. SOOOOO embarassing! I was like "sorry I was trying to invade your news cast to get my children on tv!" I didn't know what else to say it I was so embarassed. Then she really wanted to do a shot with my kids. So we stood there waiting to get the tv camera up but I was standing away from the kids because I was looking pretty greasy to be on tv and didn't want to be in the shot..Cy kept looking at the woman and looking at me and saying! And started screaming his head off so he ruined their 5 minutes of fame on tv but at least I have a funny story to tell?!?