Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm blogging this so I don't forget when this crazy guy is older. Some Cy-isms for why he can't do anything you ask him to do

Cy: I can't I have a bad hair tut...
Cy: I can't I have shark hands (makes his hands like lobster claws)
Cy: I can't I'm frozen
Cy: I can't I'm a statue

I am 21 weeks Pregnant with our 2nd Son and final child Cash or Cache... haven't decided but looking at it written out I think Cache looks more feminine....what do you think? Cy is constantly wanting to hug the baby and gives my belly hugs

The other day I'm laying in bed and he comes in with a chip in his hand. He tells me "Mom I really want the baby to have this so can you eat it?"

Troy wrote me a letter that I am only allowed to read after I have the baby and it's killing me not to open it and read it...let's be honest I'm totally not waiting. I'm waiting long enough for Troy to forget he gave me the letter and then I'm opening that sucker up!! Any way watching daddy write a letter made Cy want to write a letter.

He came into my room while I was on my computer and says:
 " mom get me some paper I need to write a letter."
Me: Who is the letter for
Cy: That belly guy...
Me: What belly guy?
Cy: The guy in your belly....Cash

He cracks me up


Tyler and Lisa said...

Your children all crack me up and give me some good laughs! Good luck with a second boy...Oh and I like the Cash spelling better.